Did you know there are currently over 3 million Americans living in nursing homes? 

Did you know approximately 50% of those Americans have no family or friends who visit them?

Find Out How You Can Help Seniors So They Are Not "The Forgotten Ones"!


Our Senior Citizen Population Is Growing!

As the life expectancy rate continues to grow higher, more and more individuals are living longer.  Many of these individuals will find themselves in a long-term care facility.  In many instances some may be there for quite a few years.  In addition, many do not have any visitors.  Hence they will be alone throughout each year including their Birthdays and the Holidays and will not receive a personal gift.

What We Are Doing To Help

The Adopt A Senior Organization allows us to bring a personal touch to Seniors by directly providing them with some outside contact as well as with gifts to let them know they are not forgotten and alone.


How You Can Help
Make a donation of $50 to adopt one Senior for one full year.  Your Senior will receive a Birthday gift, two small seasonal gifts and a Holiday gift based on their wishes.  All gifts will come with a personal card to let them know they are special.

Go to our "DONATE" page for more information.

Our Mission is to provide visits and hand-deliver personalized gifts to as many Seniors living in long-term care facilities, so they are NOT forgotten.


Our Spring Fling Fundraiser was a huge success! 
Thank you to all of our volunteers who helped us that day!
And Thank You to all the attendees and donors, your kindness helped us raise monies that will be used for Trivia Afternoons, Travel Talks as well as monthly Birthday gifts and gifts for National Senior Citizen Day this coming August!