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2016 Holiday Gift Giving Event

900 Seniors Received Personalized Holiday Gifts

Volunteers from Adopt A Senior 2016 Holiday Gift Giving event

We spent 7 amazingly wonderful days in December hand-delivering over 1,000 gifts to the Seniors at Riverside Premier, Bartley Healthcare and The Grand.

We kicked off our Holiday Gift Giving at Riverside Premier on Monday December 12th. We were there for 4 days handing out over 500 gifts. Our first time volunteers included Phyllis (Sharyn's friend), Nicole, Janet, Melissa and Johnny from NYC Women of AT&T Chapter, Cree, Margot, Michele, Samantha and Christina from Meredith Direct Media, our Board Member Meagan's son, Aidan, and our dear friend and neighbor, Enid, who spent a lot of time speaking with the Spanish residents.

Repeat volunteers were John Peter, Charles, Marie, Alexandra (her Mom is Enid) and Helene.

BIG THANKS go out to Joan for once again coordinating this project. Her continued dedication to this program is greatly appreciated.

Our day at Bartley Healthcare was on Monday December 19th. We kicked off the morning and handed out the gifts to the Seniors in the Memory-Care section. We returned in the afternoon for the gift giving to continue with the rest of the Seniors.

Our amazing volunteers included first timers Ivy and Kristi along with our dedicated volunteers Mollie, Margaret and the Marino/Mesto family.

Cheryl and her wonderful staff ensured that the party room was filled with residents. For those who did not come into the party room, we made room deliveries with the gifts. It was a fun and festive day!

The Holiday Celebration at The Grand was super-exciting as it was our first Holiday Gift Giving there. Each of the 180 residents received gifts. The long-term Seniors received a hand-crocheted blanket along with clothing and/or toiletries. The short-term residents received Yankee caps, puzzle books and toiletries.

Alexandra joined us again to help volunteer and she was so excited when one of the Seniors received a crocheted blanket that she herself had made. We also had Jerilyn from AT&T and her friend Beverley help us out. It was a wonderful day and we absolutely appreciate all the work Chloe and her amazing staff did to make the day a success!


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