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Laura Donovan School Student Donations

Empty Entenmann's Little Bites pouches in a box from Laura Donovan School students donated to Adopt A Senior

A HUGE Thank you to Marisa Mesto Marino and the students at Laura Donovan School in Freehold NJ for their participation in the Terracycle recycling program. By participating in the program, Adopt A Senior receives $.02 for each Entenmann's Little Bites wrapper recycled. As a result of Marisa's encouragement of this program at her school, we have already received a check for $22 and will be receiving another check for $45. This is over 1500 Entemann's Little Bites Wrappers!!! It's an amazing way to get kids involved in the fundraising process and teach them that no act is too small.

If you are interested in helping Adopt A Senior, please start collecting these wrappers ad send them to our address or hand them to one of our members.

Thank you again to Marisa and the students at Laura Donovan School for their tremendous efforts.


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