Our Wish List

While our Seniors get to tell us what they would like, some of the most requested items are toiletries and clothing.  If you would like to donate items from our Wish List, it will help us to expand our program to additional long-term care facilities. All items can be shipped directly to our office.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.



Attention : Teachers, Classroom Mom and PTA Groups

A great way to get your students involved in helping the Seniors is by hosting a "Collection Day" at your school or in your classroom.  Students can bring in toiletries for the Seniors at our long-term care facilities.  We would love and appreciate your donations!

Most Requested 
Ladies Toiletries

The most requested toiletries from the Senior ladies are scented shower gels with the matching lotions, red and pink lipsticks, eye shadows, and cologne and dusting powder, such as Jean Nate and Chantilly.  Other specific lotions requested are Dove, Keri, Jergen's and Lubriderm.

Most Requested Men's Toiletries

The most requested toiletries from the Senior men are lotions and body washes specifically created for men such as Gillette, Dove, Nivea, Vaseline and Palmers. And because they want to smell good, the colognes and after shaves most requested are Old Spice, English Leather and Brut.

Most Requested Ladies Clothing

The Senior ladies like to be fashionable and get dressed up.  Some of the most requested items include nightgowns, slippers, housedresses, pull-on elastic waist pants, polo tops in both long-sleeves and short-sleeves, cardigan sweaters, sweatsuits and socks.  And to make the outfit perfect, costume jewelry is always a great gift.  Long necklaces that can go over their heads, stretch bracelets and clip-on earrings.  After all, it's all about the accessories.

Most Requested 
Men's Clothing

The gentlemen like to look their best and some of their most requested clothing items include flannel shirts, button down shirts, sweatsuits, undershirts, pajamas pants, slippers, pocket t-shirts, graphic t-shirts, cardigan sweaters, khaki pants, socks and the all important belt. After all, who says men cannot be fashionable too.